Hill Paths

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In days gone by people followed roads and paths which traversed the river valleys and the coastal plain of Moray. These routes were somewhat circuitous so other routes were established which took the easiest and most direct lines between the communities across upland areas.

These hill paths would have originally been established to meet economic needs functioning as routes for transporting goods and livestock between settlements and markets.Some routes were even used for the smuggling of illicit whisky,  cattle ‘reiving’ (theft),  and the carrying of coffins to community graveyards. Examples  include the fishwives road and a number of cattle drove roads.

Today these paths lie quiet and still and their original function has long since ceased. They can still be followed and enjoyed providing easy access without too much effort to wilder parts of Moray where the delights of nature and great views can be experienced. All are suitable for walking but the rough nature of the paths limits use to mountain bikers and experienced horse riders.

The selected paths featured are some of the best available and most  follow  recognised Rights of Way.

Remember general public access rights apply to all of the hill paths in Moray but this should be taken responsibly in accordance with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Respect the needs of other access users and those that make a living from the countryside. Stout footwear is essential as parts of the routes can be rough and wet. Waterproof clothing is required to be carried as many of the routes have exposed sections and bad weather can occur at any time of year. Due to the remote nature of some of the terrain, prior knowledge of navigation skills is advised. The maps on this website are for reference purposes only. It is advised to carry an OS 1:50,000 (or larger scale) map and compass.

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