The Moray Way

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The Moray Way concept links existing walking routes to form a circuit of 95 miles (153km) that can be walked in six to nine days. Parts of the route are suitable for mountain biking and horse riding. Canoes or kayaks could be used down the River Spey providing an adventurous variation.The Moray Way combines the whole of The Dava Way, two thirds of The Moray Coast Trail and about half of The Speyside Way. The concept is the brainchild of The Moray Way Association, formed in 2009 to promote the Way.

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There is a variety of accommodation available along the route. Many of the settlements through which the route passes have websites which feature local visitor accommodation. Click on the links below to find out more.


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The following settlements are only a few miles off the route and are well worth a visit.
CULLEN  (famous for its costal scenery, ice cream and fish soup)
DUFFTOWN (famous its seven whisky distilleries)

Sights and Events

There is awealth of things to see and do along the route and across Moray.
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