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Getting out there and taking regular exercise in the beautiful Moray Countryside will make you healthier and happier. There is an extensive range of paths on offer to everyone, even those who last took exercise when they were children!

The routes presented offer a range of paths starting at a low exercise level through to slightly more challenging routes once you have achieved a greater base fitness level. All routes are gentle and relatively short and are designed to explore Moray's beautiful scenery and places of interest within and around some of Moray's towns without too much effort.

If you are recovering from illness or are looking to introduce yourself back into exercise after years of inactivity these walks are for you. Did you know that to be healthy adults need to be active at least 30 minutes a day. That wasn't difficult in the past, as we were much more physically active in our daily lives. Now that we have machines to do most of our work for us and rely more and more on cars for transport, most people aren't active enough to be healthy.

Walking is a great way to be active - there's no need to buy special equipment or learn a new skill. It's free, you can do it any time you like and all you need is a comfy pair of shoes and waterproofs for the weather.

The walks featured in this website complement a booklet entitled 'Moray Health Walks' which is being used by NHS Grampian Primary Health Care Providers to help people who are currently inactive to become more active and healthier.. The booklet is also being used by volunteer walk leaders from the Paths to Health initiative.

The walks are all graded in such a way as to encourage you to start slowly and build up gradually. The aim is for you to start off on the level 1 walks and progress through to level 3 walks in your own time as you become more confident and able. Walks are at three grade levels as follows:

LEVEL 1 (blue dotted routes on maps)- these are all about half a mile long, which will take you between 15-20 minutes, are as flat as possible and with good walking surfaces. Most of them are suitable for wheelchairs and buggies.

LEVEL 2 (orange dotted routes on maps) - these are a little longer, some of slight inclines and maybe a little rougher underfoot, but still less than 45 minutes long. Some of these are suitable for wheelchairs and buggies, but may need more care especially if there has been rain recently.

LEVEL 3 (red dotted routes on maps) - these walks are up to an hour long, with slopes and may be on rough paths.

Once you regularly walk briskly for at least 30 minutes you will have:

  -  more energy 
  -  stronger toned muscles 
  -  a lower risk of heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis 
  -   more control over your weight 
  -   a better night's sleep
  -  improved confidence

So go on and use the links from this page to receive the information you need to get out there and start moving towards a healthier you.

 For information on organised Health Walks in your area please contact:
Health Walk Co-ordinator - Debbie Barron
Tel. 01343 567172

NOTE: Please press on the 'Safety First' information link at the side of this page, for  health and safety advice prior to embarking on these walks. You will also find a record card which you can use to check your progress.

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