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Moray contains extensive river systems that flow towards the Moray Firth. This includes two of Scotland’s largest rivers, the Findhorn and the Spey, which travel through some of the best quality glen scenery in the country.

Famed for quality game fishing, these rivers are also of great interest to canoeists for short day trips or expeditions along the entire river lengths. Rafting and other watersports are also popular, particularly on the Spey.

The section of the River Findhorn at Darnaway is a prime location for technical canoeing and kayaking. Other lesser rivers and burns are also of  interest to canoeists, particularly the Lossie, Fiddich, Livet and Avon when they are in spate.

Moray's coastline contains numerous settlements with excellent harbour facilities for sailing enthusiasts.

Why not get 'water active' on Moray's rivers, the waters of which make the best whiskies in the world.

Use the links from this page to find out more about how to get out there and get active on Moray's waterways!

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