Elgin – Quarrelwood Elginia Trail

The Elginia Trail is a circular route which starts from Leggat Car Park in Quarrelwood where there are picnic tables and sandstone plinths; also information leaflets from the Forestry Commission.

  • Suitable for a wide range of users
  • Terrain: Varied surfaces

    The path has a mixture of aggregate vehicle road and wooded earth paths which are undulating and can be muddy when wet.

  • Gradient: Undulating

    Some steep parts, generally undulating terrain.

  • Barriers: Some barriers

    If you continue on to the Spynie Trail then there is a fairly busy road to cross.

  • Fully signed

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The Elginia Trail also links into the Ancestor’s Trail and Brumley Brae Car Park and you can, if you wish, continue to Spynie Car Park.

Sandstone waymarkers with a carved reptile’s footprint

The trail is well signed with regular wooden waymarker posts banded red. If in any doubt about which turning to take, look for the red marker posts. There are also occasional stone markers engraved with a reptile footprint which represent the prehistoric fossils which were found in Cuttieshillock Quarry. Red marker posts & engraved stones are also used to mark short detours from the path to viewpoints.

Start by taking the main track out of the car park & past the barrier. Follow the track uphill, ignoring any paths off to the left or right (an early path on the right has a red marker post, but ignore this, as it is the return route). Eventually, the track bends left, then right, before reaching a fork. Take the path to the right.

There are regular red marker posts as the path winds through the woods. When you reach a T-junction, turn right, slightly uphill, onto a path that’s also part of the Ancestor’s Trail. A large boulder with an information panel marks the site of an ancient Henge. Turn right here & follow the path as it bends left, slightly uphill.

At a clearing (probably a turning-circle for forestry vehicles) take the path to the left. Take the next fork to the left and then turn right when you reach a wire fence. Follow the red marker posts downhill, past the disused quarries. Eventually, the path climbs briefly uphill before rejoining the original main track. Turn left here, back to the car park.

Through the woods tread quietly, and you may spot some of the local bird and animal life, you’ll also notice the many old quarries where sandstone was taken for local buildings.

Also, take one of the short paths to the variety of viewpoints for the stunning views across the country and enjoy the rest or picnic on the seating provided. The Quarrelwood paths are a lovely way of exploring the natural beauty of Elgin’s attractive woodlands.


Moray Council Outdoor Access Manager