How to use this site?

Retrieving Information
This site has been designed to be user friendly. There are five. principal ways to retrieve the information you want in order to view the extensive paths and access routes across Moray. These are as follows:

1. Path Types
The path types for different users are shown in the boxes down the left hand side of the Homepage (ie cycle routes, health walks, Horse Riding, Long distance paths, Low Level Walks, Mountain Walking, Waterways, and Moray Core Paths).
Click one of these boxes to show info on what activity specifically interests you. You will be taken to the generic page where you can click on the box to view details on the related routes.

2. Route Search
The ‘route search’ is located in the top right hand box of the homepage. This allows you to select your route by settlement region, by path type and/or by the estimated time taken (only available on some routes). This then takes you to a list of the relevant paths relating to your selection. Click on any one of these for full details of that route.

3. Interactive Moray Regional Map
The map at the centre of the homepage splits Moray into 10 settlement regions denoted by the different colours. Click on any one of these to view a more detailed map of that selected settlement area. On this map various path types are indicated using icon symbols; the legend for which is located at the bottom. On this map, click on an icon to view the details of that particular route.

4. Text Only Regional Search
For this option click on the highlighted text above the map. This will take you to a written list of the 10 settlement regions across Moray. Click on one of these to view a list of all the path opportunities available within that region.

5. Advanced Search
For this either click on ‘search’ in the top bar of the homepage or click on ‘advanced search’ below the route search box. You will be taken to a page which will allow you to search for routes based on a wider range of attributes, including gradient, mileage, route grade and whether the route is signed.

On some of the route detail pages a printer friendly version of the detail route maps and text are available. Additionally any relevant pdfs, where available, can be downloaded and printed from the 'other information' section of these pages.

Note: You may require to reset your printer settings to landscape to maximise the detail of the maps.