Boat o’ Brig: Can you cross by boat or bridge?

A good question, but the name Boat o’ Brig is not a contradiction. In the past, there have been a few bridges here. These bridges were destroyed, replaced by boats that ferried travellers between riverbanks, and new bridges were re-built.

There are two bridges at Boat o’ Brig, a road bridge and a railway bridge (the Aberdeen to Inverness line). As there are two bridges and with its history of different types of crossings suggest; the river needs to be crossed here. Yet, I do not cross the river as I am walking up Ben Aigan and down to Craigellachie. I do wonder if crossing the river here is an easier option. 

The steps leading to Speyside Way.

The walk begins with a climb up a set of steps, and this sets the tone for how the walk will continue. Slowly Up and down! I walk past the shooting range at the bottom of Ben Aigan and read the warning signs. I listen to the gunshots echoing across the valley and think about the hazards.

How do I keep safe when walking?

I’ve a terrible sense of direction, confused by left or right and easily distracted. So, I plan before I walk.

Walking in Scotland has an element of risk, but the Moray Way is a safer journey than some routes. Yet, an element of risk makes me feel free. There are many signs as you walk up Ben Aigan reminding us of the hazards and fragility of life.

Stay safe and read the signs!

Check List

Check the weather report. 

Carry a map and a mobile phone.

Tell someone about route and journey time. 

Stay on the path as much as possible.

Wear appropriate clothing.

Have a supply of chocolate and water (or a healthy option).

I made it to Craigellachie safely with aching legs and the only hazard was ripping my trousers when sitting in a log. For more information on the walks available on Ben Aigan please visit the link below.