Cullen – Crannoch Circular Path

The route provides a variety of views and habitats. Travelling clockwise, the first section east of Cullen provides open views over agricultural land and the coast. The woodland loop provides access to conifer/mixed woodland and freshwater habitats.

  • Suitable for buggies but not wheelchairs
  • Terrain: Varied surfaces

    A mixture of pavements, quiet country roads, and farm tracks, with aggregate and earth paths through the woodland section. These woodland and farm tracks can be muddy in wet weather, and watch out for tree roots within Crannoch Wood. There is a short steep slope at the eastern entrance to the Crannoch Wood circular path, which can be slippy.

  • Gradient: Undulating

    Undulating route with long steady inclines/ declines. One steep section present at the eastern entrance to the Crannoch Wood circular path.

  • Barriers: Some barriers

    Care to be taken when crossing the A98 - this is a very fast and busy road. Several gates leading along the farm track from Cullen to Crannoch Wood.

  • Fully signed

Cullen – Nelson’s Seat

This walk is an extension of the town walk, which includes gravel paths and grass tracks which would make it unsuitable for wheelchairs and buggies. It includes great coastal views over the Moray Firth, with the possibility of dolphin watching.

  • Accessibility: Unsuitable for wheelchairs and buggies

    Unsuitable for wheelchairs and most buggies due to grass section.

  • Terrain: Varied surfaces

    Town Walk section all on tarmac pavements. Gravel footpath and grass.

  • Short steep sections
  • No barriers
  • Fully signed

Cullen – Portknockie Cyclepath Walk

This linear walk follows the National Cyclepath which links Portknockie to Cullen via the Cullen viaduct, on what was the old railway line. It has a good level surface, which is suitable for wheelchairs and buggies. The views across Cullen Golf Course to the coast are worth the effort. Take care due to landslip.

  • Accessible for all users
  • Paved footpaths & roads
  • Generally level
  • No barriers
  • Partly signed

Cullen – Salmon Bothy Circular

The Salmon Bothy Circular Path provides a short coastal walk, which takes in magnificent coastal views.

  • 1.6 miles (2.56 km)
  • 40 meters (131 ft)
  • 45 minutes
  • Accessibility: Unsuitable for wheelchairs and buggies

    There is a steep ramped path with handrail leading from the harbour area up to cliff top. Flat gravel path between the caravan park and the Nelson’s Seat viewpoint providing opportunity for less able bodied users.

  • Terrain: Varied surfaces

    Fully surfaced roadside paths in the built up areas. Bound gravel paths elsewhere, with a short steep section of rough grassy path at the outlying gully. There are plans for this section to be upgraded to gravel.

  • Gradient: Mixed gradient

    Relatively flat throughout but there are two short steep sections.

  • Barriers: Some barriers

    There is a steep ramped path with handrail leading from the harbour area up to cliff top.

  • Fully signed

Cullen – Town Circular

Cullen is built on a hill and this circular town walk has a few steep slopes. The surfaces are good and it is suitable for wheelchairs and buggies, although it will be hard work on the slopes. There are toilets at the start and benches along the route. The views will be worth it! This walk can be extended to follow the path to Nelson’s Seat.

  • Accessibility: Accessible for all users

    The extended walk to Nelson's seat is not suitable for wheelchairs or most buggies.

  • Terrain: Paved footpaths & roads

    Gravel and grass paths on extended route to and from Nelson's Seat.

  • Gradient: Short steep sections

    Long, fairly steep descent from the town square under the viaduct, leading to a short steep section at Campbell Place. There is also a short steep decline from Reidhaven Place back down into the square.

  • No barriers
  • Fully signed