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Most of Moray's population lives in towns and villages along the coastal plain and along the principal river valleys, which contain the best farmland and forests. Located between and around settlements is an extensive network of paths and trails. In recent years the more popular and interesting paths have been developed, signed and promoted through a succession of access projects, many of which were spearheaded by local community groups.

A range of these routes is featured in this section and offers easy access to some of the best viewpoints, historic sites and natural wonders that Moray has to offer. These paths are all ideal for walking, with some sections suitable for horse riding and cycling. Popular with locals, they offer a freely available community resource whilst providing visitors with a chance to get to know the hidden delights of Moray.

Discover some of the natural gems Moray has to offer and use the links from this page to find out more detail on specific routes.

Remember general public access rights apply to most of the lowland paths in Moray but this should be taken responsibly in accordance with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Some of the routes are on public roads so take care in proximity to moving traffic particularly if children are in your party. Respect the needs of other access users and those that make a living from the countryside. Stout footwear is essential as parts of the routes can be rough and wet. Waterproof clothing is advised to be carried due to the unpredictable nature of the scottish weather. 

Most of the paths are signed and waymarked so are easy to follow. Nevertherless a 1:50000(or larger scale) OS map would be useful.

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